Five2Nine | About Five2Nine - Ottawa Video Production
Five2Nine is a video production company run by filmmaker Mike McKay.
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Award winning filmmaker has applied his passion for adventure and compelling storytelling to webTV through his whitewater based series CURRENTS, Made In Canada, & Chaos Theory.
With a background in media and documentary filmmaking, his work has been featured on NRS Films, Red Bull, Canada AM, and many film festivals around North America.

Not only is Mike a filmmaker but his background as a professional whitewater kayaker has enabled him to paddle some of the world’s most remote rivers and access to the best athletes and characters the sport has to offer.

In November 2014 Mike was invited to participate in the Banff Adventure Filmmaker Workshop. Since then, Mike has branched out to other adventure sports such as mountain biking, climbing, canyoneering and skiing. The workshop also emphasized his love for storytelling and ‘letting the moment unfold’.

His client roster includes NRS, Jackson Kayak, Werner Paddles. In January 2015 Mike began working with the production house Reel Water Productions shooting a variety of projects including canyoning in Hawaii and ice climbing Niagara Falls.

Currently, Mike lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife Joanne.


Dylan Page

Cinematographer / Photographer

Starting as a photographer at an early age and focusing the bulk of his education to photography, Dylan has dedicated his life to seeing the world through his lens. With an extremely high technical knowledge as well as attention to detail, Dylan brings his ability to capture the perfect image to his video work. Through his images he is able to achieve a high level of cinematic storytelling in the most visually compelling way. Dylan’s background in paddle sports has included work for Canoe & Kayak Magazine, Kayak Session, Rapid Media & NRS.

Emrick Blanchette

Aerials / Director of Technology

Emrick has been a hobbyist since a young age and naturally through is love of adventure sports, the outdoors, and filmmaking this has blossomed into a passion for aerial videography. Over the last year he has turned this passion into a profession by launching Quebec Drones.

Raphaël Boudreault-Simard


Raised outside of Quebec City, Rapha has a contagious zest for life, which grew rapidly into a passion for the outdoors when he discovered whitewater kayaking. The difficult logistics that come with documenting this sport intrigued him, sparking the beginning of his filming career. Due to a serious shoulder injury, he spent more time behind the camera growing his passion for adventure filmmaking. Once Rapha discovered aerial filming, it quickly became his primary focus. He then established his company Flow Motion Aerials and is now filming internationally. Rapha describes aerial cinematography as his Everest of filming, balancing the highly technical operation with the creative process.


We specialize in shooting to the highest quality in all environments. From mountains, to canyons we bring full cinema gear and know how to your project. Not only do we have the gear to capture the highest quality images but we also have the gear to get it there. Our experience will get your story whether it be in water, snow, desert, or ocean. We have shot there.