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Five2Nine's blog offers an inside look at the video production company. With a background in adventure filmmaking, owner, Mike McKay, provides filming advice, reviews cutting-edge equipment, and comments on what it means to turn a passion into a career.
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January 27, 2016

2 Countries, 3 Projects, and a Broken Tripod: A Glimpse into a Filmmaker’s Life

After 4 weeks of travel through Ecuador and Mexico I am pretty beat. However, I found I was pretty productive on the whole. Revisiting my previous posts and looking at the gear I brought I am extremely happy. In the end I was able to shoot two videos and edit a total of eight. On a whole, the gear I brought was perfect except on major problem. The tripod I brought to support the Lite Pro Gear & slider was broken after day one. It was unable to hold up in the back of my kayak OR to any wear and tear at all. Therefore all the tripod necessary gear wound up sitting in my duffle for the remainder of the trip. For the record the tripod is a Giottos MT9242 and I plan to follow up. As of this point the retailer I bought it from has failed to reply to both of my emails (Galaxy Camera on Bank St in Ottawa). The first video I shot was Botella.  My inspiration for this was to try to do something different in support of the Alseseca Race in Tlapacoyan. Canoe & Kayak magazine were interested in the story of how this race...

January 8, 2016

How an Adventure Filmmaker Packs his Gear

I am currently in Veracruz, Mexico with a few different assignments to complete on this trip. I'm mostly here for recreation and so I am happy to have some video work to help cover the trip but don’t want it to work too much into the real reason I am here: to kayak. I am continuing work on a series for NRS that I started around this time last year. The series is a travel tips guide for traveling to whitewater destinations. I am working on it with Dylan Page and Jim Coffey. It is surprisingly difficult to capture all the shots that we're missing from the initial shoot in the airports and travel destinations. It is hectic enough just trying to get around and security often prevents cameras. Therefore in this case I have been shooting handheld as well as even resorting to using my iPhone. I am also shooting some pieces on this trip for Canoe & Kayak magazine. One specifically on the Alseseca River in Tlapacoyan is exciting to me and therefore I want to put a little more cinematic style to it. Therefore I have put more towards a medium scale rig on this trip. When packing for travel with...

December 27, 2015

Getting Ready for Travel

Most whitewater kayakers look at December as the end of the season with a long lull until the snow melts in the spring. For me, I have always looked at December as the start of the new season. Over the past six years, I have been very lucky to take advantage of my situation and do some extended travel to Mexico and Ecuador over this time. Why? As a filmmaker I can take advantage of my skill set and equipment to be able to help finance extended travel through taking on small projects. This year is no different. For me this is something to look forward to as December and January are typically slow times of the year. As well, by going to countries where my dollar goes further I can actually save money over that time at home.    I am really excited to be travelling with my friends Billy Thibault, Charles Arseneault and Emrick Blanchette as well as their Quebec Connection crew. Over the years this has become my go to group of guys for having some serious fun on the river and having them push me. I work hard to keep on the heels of what these guys can do on the river.    In prep for the...