Five2Nine | Chaos Theory
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Chaos Theory

Episode 1 - Free Will

What role does silence have in all this noise?

A paddler stands at the edge of the river, the whitewater rolling with deafening force. It exists in a realm far from the frenetic energy of the city, untamed and unmastered. Beyond the noise, a familiar rhythm waits to be heard. Within it is an awareness of movement; the inner dance that beckons the paddler to plunge into chaos.

Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay. Featuring: Isidro Soberanes. Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay

Additional Cinematography: Emrick Blanchette, Ben Fraser. Also Featuring: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Valentina Ruiz, Alejandro Vasquez, Adan Dorfmann, Juan Manuel Lopez, Alonso Montoya

Music: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Mike McKay. Thumbnail Photo: Ben Fraser. Special Thanks: Mark Deming

Episode 2 - Cause & Effect

Chaos is a friend of mine.

The paddler faces the river in silence. All the time he prepares to embrace the explosive power that awaits downstream. This is his world amongst the noise and chaos. This is where he belongs.

Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay. Featuring: Ryan Bailey & Thomas Brown. Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay

Additional Cinematography: Ben Fraser, Dave Gardner, Ray Canton. Also Featuring: Dale Lawrence, Mike McKay, and the Banks crew

Music: Thomas Brown, Dale Lawrence, Mike McKay, Michael Ayers. Thumbnail Photo: Mike McKay. Special Thanks: Mark Deming, Dale Lawrence

Episode 3 - Point of Divergence

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

‎It is a long and reflective journey for the paddler. He takes to the sky, to the streets of a far off city; the faces around him oblivious to his purpose. The river, a destination at once known and unknown to him, reveals itself and a blank canvas is given life. He closes his eyes (the silence within) and the path out of chaos is clear.

Directed, Filmed, & Edited: Mike McKay. Featuring: Capo Rettig & Jaya Krishnan. Produced by: NRS & Mike McKay

Music: This Will Destroy You

Thumbnail Photo: Mike McKay

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