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Ottawa River

In this episode Currents explores what this river has contributed to the sport of whitewater paddling. See the history of the Ottawa River through the voices of the people who helped shape what it is today.

Featuring: Claudia & Dirk Van Wijk, Hermann Kirckhoff, Ken Whiting, Dave Niewenheus, Ben Marr, Devyn Scott, & Ben Fraser.

Rio Alseseca

With every year that passes more and more people are traveling to the Veracruz region of Mexico to paddle the Rio Alseseca. In this episode Currents explores the history of what made this one of the most unique rivers in the world for whitewater kayaking, those who worked to open the river and those who are working to maintain it.

Featuring: Rafa Ortiz, Sofi Reinoso, Isidro Soberanes, Iker Beristain, Quebec Connection, Team Jackson, & Mike McKay

Grand Canyon

A journey through the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime trip for many. However, the Colorado River as we know it today may not exist if it weren’t for the conservation initiatives over the years.

Take a journey through the Grand Canyon and a journey through time with Five2Nine, Airborn Athletics, and those who fought to preserve this natural wonder.

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The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use.

That is the theme behind this episode as we attempt to film, log, and edit this entire clip using only solar power. No better place to do it than sunny California. With exceptional whitewater, terrain, and weather we were able to hit the rivers and soak up the sun.

Solar gear provided by:
Power provided by: the sun

Hood River

In this episode we travel to Hood River to enjoy the rivers of the area. With the Little White Salmon & the White Salmon both being world class and very accessible, it is hard to beat.

This episode also features the upcoming removal of the Condit Dam. A positive river conservation story to share with the rest of the world.

Click here for an exclusive behind the scenes from Canoe Kayak magazine:

Whitewater Grand Prix

The Whitewater Grand Prix and Hell or High Water are two major whitewater events that just occurred in Canada. While these events are very different, both of these events play a role in corresponding whitewater federations in Quebec and Ontario. Both have also acted as a launching pad for these groups to promote advocacy and the growth of the sport. As well, they both provide for some awesome entertainment.

Thanks to Tribe & Dan Caldwell for the additional footage.