The Power of Collaboration

A few weeks ago, FIVE2NINE set out to do a style of shoot that we had not done before. We had four big consecutive shooting da

Canada Man/Woman 2019Canadaman/woman 2019 written by Alex Guimont  Three weekends ago was the Lac Megantic Canadaman/woman.  This
The Top Down RigWe know that April & May will be slow for us.   It is the time of year where the season doesn’t quite know what to offer in terms of the outdoors.
Farmers of the Pontiac: Episode 1The Farmers of the Pontiac series is very special to us.   It represents a strong blend of cinematic qualities with a documentary style of storytelling.
A Crash Course In Data ManagementAs we approach the 50 project mark over the past 3 years I have recently been reviewing the methods by which we store our data.   By no means is this something that has been ignored up to now but as