Capturing the Joy of Outdoor Life

Five2Nine Media Collective

Full cast and crew enjoys the campfire.
Photography by Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

Five2Nine’s latest brand collective shoot.

Picture a magazine photoshoot. Then trade the studio for a tranquil lake, the gowns for PFDs, and the wind machine for a summer breeze. The Five2Nine team doesn’t just create branded content for their clients. They curate an organic experience for cast and crew alike. The result is something eye-catching and authentic. Something that makes you want to get out into nature. Which, if you’re an outdoor equipment brand, is kind of the goal.

Jacinthe Goulet, Production Coordinator at Five2Nine, experienced her first collective shoot on set this July. “I was blown away on how fun it was- even though there’s so much pressure,” she says. 

Five2Nine Media Collective

Multi-generational models make for magic on set Photography by Jesse Little

That pressure comes from multiple shoots for multiple brands happening simultaneously at the same time. The crew assembled at Parc Régional du Poisson Blanc to capture footage and photos for 11 different outdoor brands. It’s a chance for like-minded companies to network as they collaborate on shoots.

Careful planning is a must to hit all the requirements for each brand, but a spirited atmosphere is also necessary to make it all run smoothly. It all comes down to great people.

“There were some staff from Poison Blanc that helped with hauling over some of the gear to our site, which was fantastic,” Goulet says. “The talent that we had was amazing, they were super keen and already passionate about the outdoors… same with everyone who was working. They’re just a really good group that meshes really well.”

Five2Nine Media Collective

Photography by Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

Sharon Kuiper, a teacher during the school year, was new to being a model. “I’m usually a photographer myself,” she says. “I do a lot of landscape photography. But when you’re working with people it’s quite a bit different.”

“I had to do the concentration piece where I’m like, ‘K. I’m having a good time, but I’m in a canoe by myself. So like, I can’t be laughing, that’s a little ridiculous.’” Kuiper says.

With the beautiful surroundings and good vibes on set, it didn’t take long to settle in. “You’re just actually getting involved in the paddle you’re having. It was really nice, and it was so foggy and beautiful out,” she says. “Whatever shots they have of me, I’m genuinely enjoying my paddle.”

Though the shoot is planned down to the last detail, there is room for spontaneous magic. A favourite shot at Five2Nine came from what seemed like an ordinary moment.

Five2Nine Media Collective

Sharon’s natural moment turns into a gorgeous shot. Photography by Jesse Little

“I was sitting over on a rock by myself, I was just trying to stay out of other shots because there was so much going on at the same time, photography-wise,” Kuiper says. Soon, she noticed a couple of photographers coming her way. “They sort of just worked around what I was doing naturally. They pulled up a canoe and placed down some paddles.” 

Goulet is excited to see what else the team was able to capture. “That will be very much a highlight,” she says. “Where you actually see the joy of using the products.”

With a satisfied cast and crew, another media collective is in the Five2Nine books. The next part of the journey is planning another one.

Five2Nine Media Collective

Photography by Jesse Little.