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Capturing the Joy of Outdoor Life

Five2Nine Media Collective

Five2Nine’s latest brand collective shoot. Picture a magazine photoshoot. Then trade the studio for a tranquil lake, the gowns for PFDs, and the wind machine for a summer breeze. The Five2Nine team doesn’t just create branded content for their clients. They curate an organic experience for cast and crew alike. The result is something eye-catching… Read more »

Take Your Shoot to the Next Level

great content on a small budget

How to get a big-budget look from a small operation.   Creating great imagery takes more than the latest iPhone and an Instagram account. Maybe you’re a budding filmmaker, photographer, or a small business that needs some good promo.  Wherever you are in your journey, it’s daunting to compete with the big guys. But there… Read more »

Why Brands Need to Come Together to Stand Out

Five2Nine Brand Collective

Collective marketing is the future for campaigns Social media has changed the face of marketing campaigns. According to SEO studies, most people will scroll past ads on google in favour of something with a personal touch. Organic collaborations are an exciting way for brands to engage with clients and network with like-minded companies. The best… Read more »

The Importance of Marketing In Tough Times

Alex Guimont

Why online marketing is so important right now We’ve had a lot on our plates lately. Even as pandemic precautions loosen up, the ever-changing rules are confusing. For people with products and services to promote, it is tricky to know what the right move is. Nobody wants to be insensitive during a stressful time, and… Read more »

A Winter Pucon Getaway

As the festival director of the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival I can literally be at a desk planning and prepping for up to 2 months leading up to the actual event. For me it is super important to get out of the studio and get on an adventure myself as soon as the festival is… Read more »

Canoe Trip Team Gets a First in the Grand Canyon

First team to go on self assisted canoe trip through the Grand Canyon.

Alex Guimont chats about his unintentional first self support canoe descent down the Colorado River.     What did you do on your 21st birthday? If you’re anything like Alex Guimont, you set out with 7 people and a couple of tripping canoes to casually achieve greatness. A mere stone’s throw away from Las Vegas… Read more »

The Hero’s Journey

Our final step in both the heroes journey and the film is returning with Elixir.  In Jondachi, this occurs when our main character gets out of his kayak, hold this special rock in his hand, and looks up to the sky.

William Amos Campaign Animation

Thoughts from Designer Michelle De Alva Two weeks ago, a video came out of the FIVE2NINE studio that was the first video we’ve done like it. It was a fully animated video for William Amos!

Working with Athletes in the Age of Instagram 

The good, the bad and the truly authentic. Note:   The featured photo of this blog was a completely staged shot for the purposes of social media.   The author of this article, Mike McKay was not shooting anything at all.   With that, I present a disclaimer: IMAGES ARE NOT RELATED TO THE ATHLETES… Read more »

The Power of Collaboration

A few weeks ago, FIVE2NINE set out to do a style of shoot that we had not done before. We had four big consecutive shooting days.  Although each shoot has its own set of challenges, one of these days was more logistically significant than the others.  It had been in the works since this spring,… Read more »