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Adventuring Away From It All

West Magpie Expedition

Swapping the anxiety of a pandemic for the thrill of whitewater rapids. As an avid paddler, Mike McKay (Creative Director, Five2Nine) is used to tackling turbulent waters. But the emotional twists and turns of a pandemic are difficult to navigate. 7 years after a particularly daunting expedition, he returns to the West Magpie River with… Read more »

A Winter Pucon Getaway

As the festival director of the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival I can literally be at a desk planning and prepping for up to 2 months leading up to the actual event. For me it is super important to get out of the studio and get on an adventure myself as soon as the festival is… Read more »

Canoe Trip Team Gets a First in the Grand Canyon

First team to go on self assisted canoe trip through the Grand Canyon.

Alex Guimont chats about his unintentional first self support canoe descent down the Colorado River.     What did you do on your 21st birthday? If you’re anything like Alex Guimont, you set out with 7 people and a couple of tripping canoes to casually achieve greatness. A mere stone’s throw away from Las Vegas… Read more »

The Hero’s Journey

Our final step in both the heroes journey and the film is returning with Elixir.  In Jondachi, this occurs when our main character gets out of his kayak, hold this special rock in his hand, and looks up to the sky.

Adventure of the Spirit: Part 1

I met Mathias Ekorn randomly in a cafe in Chaiten, Chile.   I overheard him speaking about a video project that wasn’t going to plan.   I spoke up and introduced myself.   He filled me in on the details of his film project of trekking across Patagonia and how many important pieces of the… Read more »

Source to Sea on the Pacuare River

Originally published in various media outlets in March 2019: Mathias Ekorn & Mats Onsum are fresh from their 5-day adventure on the Pacuare River in Turrialba, Costa Rica.   The journey took them from the headwaters of the river deep in Costa Rican mountains, through the narrow canyons of the river, hiking through the jungle,… Read more »

Kayaking When Life Gets in the Way

Most people I know aren’t like me. By that, I mean most people don’t base their lives around kayaking. For me, this is something I have spent the last 10 years doing nearly year round and have found a way to base my career around it. Therefore, it is quite often that my weekend warrior… Read more »

Slipping through my fingers: Filming the Jondachi, Day 4

Our talented paddler’s name is Brayan Robles. He is 17 years old and from Tena, Ecuador.  I met Brayan last March after I was in Tena solo and looking for good people to paddle with. He doesn’t speak English and for some reason my Spanish turns to beginner level when I am around him.  It… Read more »

How to Move Past Bad Days

Most sports have a degree of error. Whitewater can have a degree of catastrophe. For whitewater if you fuck up you are likely beat down, exhausted from fighting a hydraulic or dangerous situation, and then all your gear goes downstream. The better the kayaker you are, the worse the consequences. When you get in the… Read more »

Buying the Catfish for the Shaman: Filming the Jondachi, Day 3

Having not been able to complete the full shoot on the Lower Jondachi yesterday, we definitely were starting the day a little behind. The guys were still feeling pretty under the weather and so we decided to finish up with the Gran Canion shoot as well as start to get the work going with the shaman… Read more »