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A Cinematic Approach to Branded Content

Cinematic Branded Storytelling

Going beyond the traditional corporate video When it comes to traditional advertising techniques, the jig is up. Over the past decade, social media has made information faster and easier to access than ever before. People want to know who they’re supporting, and it’s easy enough to find out. It’s not that the average consumer doesn’t… Read more »

The Hero’s Journey

Our final step in both the heroes journey and the film is returning with Elixir.  In Jondachi, this occurs when our main character gets out of his kayak, hold this special rock in his hand, and looks up to the sky.

Canada Man/Woman 2019

Canadaman/woman 2019 written by Alex Guimont  Three weekends ago was the Lac Megantic Canadaman/woman.  This event is part of the XTRI Series and is an adventure triathlon with ironman distances.  It consists of a 3.8 kilometre swim, a 180 kilometre bike, and a 42 kilometre run that ends at the top of Mont Megantic.  … Read more »

Adventure of the Spirit: Part 2

Written by Mathias Ekornås On my way to work on the post-production of Adventure of the spirit in Québec, I already had big expectations of the team that had invited me. While filming the first episode of “Adventure of The Spirit” I had experienced first hand how much this small production company could achieve with… Read more »

Adventure of the Spirit: Part 1

I met Mathias Ekorn randomly in a cafe in Chaiten, Chile.   I overheard him speaking about a video project that wasn’t going to plan.   I spoke up and introduced myself.   He filled me in on the details of his film project of trekking across Patagonia and how many important pieces of the… Read more »

Farmers of the Pontiac: Episode 1

The Farmers of the Pontiac series is very special to us.   It represents a strong blend of cinematic qualities with a documentary style of storytelling.   All of this combined tells an honest story of the potential for the region to grow.   Born out of the mind of Brittany Morin of the SADC… Read more »

No New Gear For One Year Challenge

Disclaimer:   this excludes parts, replacements, and other necessary components in order to fulfill work.   We have a running joke with production crews about how much we can ring up a bill for each other just by showing off and talking about our newest gadgets.   This bill often gets pretty high.  Our highest… Read more »

Ottawa Adventure Film Festival Recap

December is now upon us and the 2018 Ottawa Adventure Film Festival has come and gone.  The weeks leading up to and during the film festival proved to be quite hectic but with great results.  With the festival behind us, it is a perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on the successes that were… Read more »