In the Gear Bag: Fully tested and Highly Recommended

Reflecting on all of the cool experiences in just three and a half months of 2016 I thought I would touch on some of the gear that has really got me excited.  Not all of it is new but most is new to me.

1.  NRS H2Core Gear

NRS has really stepped up the game in functional technical apparel that really looks good. We have been using this gear to film on and off water, warm and cold environments, as well as in high sun areas. It isreally good stuff. Now that I am back in Ottawa I am using it for workout gear, running, etc. It is just really
high quality stuff.


2.  DJI Ronin-M

After working with the Ronin and the Sony A7S I found it was a bit overkill. Dropping down to the Ronin M has really allowed me to use this tool for getting too hard to reach areas and work with it for a long time without having too much fatigue. We have been able to pull off some really long shots. As well, it is really easy to travel with. This has really upped the level of shots that I have been able to do and tell a good story. 

3.   Odyssey 7q+

I am working on owning one of these as soon as possible since using Flowstate Narratives‘ unit for the last week. This thing is stunning and I can’t wait to work it into my kit. It really takes you to the next level. Some even say it turns the Sony FS700 into a poor man’s RED. Some even say it is better. I won’t comment on that. The Odyssey 7q+ is a Convergent Design product. They manufacture a range of filming equipment.


4.   Werner Odachi Paddle

Since I have been doing a lot of whitewater projects this year I figured I would upgrade and try a new paddle. I tried this paddle in the fall and didn’t have the right configuration. Since then I have a bent shaft, small shaft, 45 degree, 200cm of my own and I can’t believe how much I love this paddle. It makes kayaking so much more fun to have a really high-end paddle that is so powerful.