Kayaks and Planes: Lessons from Experience

I have been traveling to kayak for the better part of ten years. I have been blogging, making videos, and photos about kayaking for over five years. 

Of all the posts I have done the one I did about traveling with a kayak still has a lot of people reading it and commenting on it.

In the last year I worked with Jim Coffey and NRS to produce a 10 part series on how to travel to kayak.  Basically it is a series filled with tips and tricks to make getting to international destinations easier and more attainable. 

One video in particular I think will be especially valuable for many and that is the ‘Traveling with Kayaks’ episode.  I sincerely feel that there are a lot of good tips that will translate to success with getting your kayak to your destination.

Some tips for success that I can share on a personal level:

1. Aeromexico may have more expensive tickets but they will take a kayak for $40 if booked in advance and likely have the best customer service.

2. Think about selling your kayak at your destination. You will likely get good money for it and avoid traveling home with it.

3. Never just show up at the airport (especially with all your gear packed in the kayak) and assume you will get the kayak on the plane…..even if it is a wave ski.  Unpacking your kayak and almost missing your flight is NEVER fun.

4.  Always be as nice as possible to anyone willing to help you with your kayak. These people put up with a lot of grumpy people and a smiling face goes a long way. 

5.  Assume that your kayak will be the last thing on the plane.  I always take a picture of it going on the plane and then there is no confusion if it gets lost at the airport for some reason….this has happened to me.

Enjoy this NRS Quick Tip video and I hope it helps you with you next journey: