Level Six: Back to the Roots

We have had a relationship with Level Six for years. In fact, they were our very first foray into the world of professional video production. Many years had passed since we worked with them and we were approached on doing a corporate piece for them that had that ‘Five2Nine feel’.

We were up to the challenge and felt it was really important to honour them as a great company and return the favour of their early support with a stellar project.

While the history of this company is told in a much longer conversation that the 5 minute video seen here, we decided that we wanted to have a stylish piece that was honest and even heartwarming.

Our creative direction was to have the owner Stig Larsson tell his story in a confessional way that brought out his true honesty. From there we could build off his story and create a lot of texture that brings us to the successful business they have created today.

Stig Larson Level Six

Stig Larsson, the Owner of Level Six

In order to do so, we really had to rely on archival photos, video, and the strong work in motion graphics by Michelle. The purpose of building these layers throughout the video really give the strong footage at the end a chance to pop. Once that moment hits we really let our footage shine for what it is.

Stig Larsson Youth

Archival footage of Stig used in the video Piece

Not only that, but it is a great story of hometown boy does great.

I have known Stig for years and he is truly passionate about what he does. I admire him for keeping at it and constantly trying to improve with every opportunity that he gets. This project was a brainchild of Kevin Cook who I would say has been a real asset for Level Six over the last year with his relentless modification of the way that Level Six is hitting the public with strong content-driven branding. I applaud them for their work on that and am excited about what we can do to provide them with higher end, story-based content.


For us, it is really amazing to work with a company that has a strong root in media creation. Not even close to being a threat. In fact, it is the opposite. It gives us an opportunity to focus on the projects that we want to work on for them and keeps us engaged. It also allows the company to really direct their budget to the right places and utilize our experience, equipment, etc when the time is right.

The outcome is a video like this one. The reception was great and we are lining up more of this type of work with Level Six for 2019. We are very excited about this.

The final Level Six video can be found on our Level Six Portfolio page on the FIVE2NINE Website.