Farmers of the Pontiac Episode 3

I am pretty vocal of my love for this series. Episode 3 in particular was a true team effort from all involved. What made this one pop so much was the subjects and how much they light up the screen. This series truly represents our love for blending cinematic filmmaking and storytelling with corporate type projects.

William Amos Liberal Campaign

Working with William Amos has meant a lot to the whole team.   He is the Liberal MP for our region and we all truly believe he is doing what is best for the Pontiac.

When it came time to do a campaign video for Will we really wanted to step out of the box and do something special.  Knowing just how much he puts into his career, we wanted to demonstrate the multiple sides to who he is.   The hope was to show the public that he really is genuine and stands behind what he believes in.

We were really proud of the outcome and happy to have Will as our MP for the next four years.

Raid International Gaspesie

After 4 years of working in the Gaspesie for Endurance Aventure, our favourite job of the year has come to an end.   The Raid International Gaspesie is the kind of job that we wait all year for thinking and scheming on how to be better every year.  This job is so much fun because as adventure sport camera operators we get the opportunity to work with our gear in all conditions.   

The Raid Gaspesie stands apart from most adventure races in the organization.   Endurance Aventure really takes their events to the next level from the difficulty and dynamics of the course to how they treat their staff and team.   It is really a great experience to work for them.  

While it is bittersweet to see this amazing event come to an end, I know we are simply moving on to our next adventure with this crew.  Dylan and I have been extremely fortunate to work with this great crew and look forward to many jobs to come.   Check out our edits from Day 1 & 2 for the 2019 event.  

CanadaMan XTri

We have been part of the TV Crew for the CanadaMan/Woman XTri in Lac Megantic for 3 years now.   This year our team was not only part of the crew capturing the images but we were also assigned the task of putting the edit together for the banquet the morning after.   This is crazy when you consider that we are shooting from 2am – just after midnight the day before.   Luckily there is a huge amount of experience in the crew to make this project much less stressful.   This is one of our favourite jobs of the year.   Working with this crew and all the team members at Endurance Adventure is an amazing experience and we are looking forward to the years ahead of action.  

GSI Outdoors

GSI Outdoors Camp Cooking Recipes represents our first foray into flat lay, top down style projects.   This is a really great project for us to complete right in the studio without having to pack up our gear and shoot on location. 

We used the brand guideline the client provided.  Once the original template was completed we were able to provide a full series of videos very quickly and efficiently.    

This is a very good project for a client to use for social media, explainer videos and product showcases.   We have a variety of backdrops, bases, and green screens to fit the scene perfectly.  

Level Six

We have had a relationship with Level Six for years. In fact, they were are very first foray into the world of professional video production. Many years had passed since we worked with them and we were approached on doing a corporate piece for them that had that ‘Five2Nine feel’.

We were up to the challenge and felt it was really important to honour them as a great company and return the favour of their early support with a stellar project.

While the history of this company is told in a much longer conversation that the 5 minute video seen here, we decided that we wanted to have a stylish piece that was honest and even heartwarming.

Our creative direction was to have the owner Stig Larsson tell his story in a confessional way that brought out his true honesty. From there we could build off his story and create a lot of texture that brings us to the successful business they have created today.

Farmers of the Pontiac

The Farmers of the Pontiac series is very special to us. It represents a strong blend of cinematic qualities with a documentary style of storytelling. All of this combined tells an honest story of the potential for the region to grow.

Born out of the mind of Brittany Morin of the SADC Pontiac, the series has gained a strong reception from all SADCs across Quebec due to its honest approach to growing the business community in the region as well as showing that the region has great agriculture to offer.

We have since adopted this style of using two opposing techniques with characters and locations to not only continue the series but to find ways of getting unique, unscripted, honest, and authentic content from our more corporate type work.

We are very proud of this piece because it was an experiment that worked.

Chaos Theory

In our first foray beyond ‘hobby’ filmmaking, Chaos Theory was a step into a completely different direction than we had ever gone. Filled with symbolism, imagery and vibrant images, this project pushed us to the edge and back in our creative spaces.

Armed with professional equipment, willing participants and a willingness to take chances, we loaded up on content to tell the visual story of how the world of raging rivers (while chaotic to the naked eye) is actually a place of zen for those that travel through them.

This unfortunately marked the end of our foray in to the world of creative filmmaking with NRS Films but we were quite proud of what we made and as were audiences at a number of film festivals. The film went on to tour around the world and win multiple awards including best short film at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival and Best Cinematography at the Brampton Film Festival.

Trans Namibia Expedition

Here is an example of a project we did specifically for social media. Ray Zahab (Impossible2Possible) approached me about joining on a trail running mission in the Atacama desert with the idea of capturing the training mission that they would be doing in preparation for their TransNamibian Desert crossing in January 2018. While I chose not to participate in that expedition, I did bang enjoy banging these out.

What is important about these pieces is that they were done from concept to shooting to editing to delivery on all social platforms in well under 24 hours. Back to back. This is an example of how great cinematic storytelling can be done very low profile, in the middle of the desert, on the fly and delivered from a remote place in almost real time.

These pieces really set the bar higher for what Ray and team were delivering in terms of content at that point.


Jondachi was an experiment in following the Heroes Path. While it seems incredibly obvious to us as filmmakers we were surprised by how many thought this story was true. That is a major compliment.

Set in the Napo Valley in Ecuador, Jondachi was born out of requests for Five2Nine to make a documentary style piece to highlight the Jondachi River and it’s hydroelectric threats. What came out of this request was a spiritual piece that represented something more than a river that gets paddled by kayakers from all over the world but a story about a connection to the river that goes much beyond the physical world.

Born out of Andean culture, tradition and shamanism, Jondachi is an old story blended with the modern world of adventure. In November 2016 it debuted at Banff Mountain Film Festival during it’s cultural opening weekend. It has since gone on to win multiple awards and has been screened all around the world.