Jondachi was an experiment in following the Heroes Path. While it seems incredibly obvious to us as filmmakers we were surprised by how many thought this story was true. That is a major compliment.

Set in the Napo Valley in Ecuador, Jondachi was born out of requests for Five2Nine to make a documentary style piece to highlight the Jondachi River and it’s hydroelectric threats. What came out of this request was a spiritual piece that represented something more than a river that gets paddled by kayakers from all over the world but a story about a connection to the river that goes much beyond the physical world.

Born out of Andean culture, tradition and shamanism, Jondachi is an old story blended with the modern world of adventure. In November 2016 it debuted at Banff Mountain Film Festival during it’s cultural opening weekend. It has since gone on to win multiple awards and has been screened all around the world.