Why Brands Need to Come Together to Stand Out

Collective marketing is the future for campaigns

Social media has changed the face of marketing campaigns. According to SEO studies, most people will scroll past ads on google in favour of something with a personal touch. Organic collaborations are an exciting way for brands to engage with clients and network with like-minded companies. The best collaborative campaigns marry things like retail items and experiences. The concept on its own is nothing new; a night at the movies isn’t complete without certain snack brands, for example. Expanding this concept to online marketing benefits everyone involved. Brands get more exposure, and clients feel understood on a deeper level. With outdoor adventure brands, it only makes sense to highlight trusted products and locations for customers who live the outdoor lifestyle.


The Five2Nine Media Collective is part networking, part outdoor fun.

Mike McKay, Creative Director at Five2Nine, started a collaborative marketing campaign in the summer of 2019. It was a way to provide high-quality content for outdoor brands while keeping costs accessible. It all started with long-time collaborators Level Six.

McKay says he was working with Kevin Cook, Project and Marketing Director at Level Six, when the idea for the Five2Nine Media Collective struck. “We brought in Paddle Canada to cost-share the project and it was a huge success,” he says. “So we said, why not try for 8 partners?”

Cook was enthusiastic about expanding the project. “The value for dollar is unparalleled on these group shoots,” he says.

The Five2Nine Media Collective gives brands a chance to network on the shoot day. They leave with a stock library of videos and photos, ready for use in any medium they need it for. Not only that, but they expand their reach by appearing in each other’s video and photo content.

Stunning results from Five2Nine’s Collaborative Marketing Campaign.

Salus Marine joined in the fun at 2019’s Kenauk Nature shoot and will be back for more in July 2020. “We’ve used a ton of photos on our online, and it definitely made our 2020 catalogue seem top-notch in a way compared to other years,” says Laura McFarlane, Operations Manager at Salus.

Salus Marine

Outdoor brands show off their products at the Five2Nine Media Collective Shoot.

Carl Simoncelli, Director of Marketing at Kenauk, says the footage and photos helped even regulars see the resort in a whole new light. “team members that have been working here for years are amazed by how beautiful the shots are,” he says. 

McFarlane appreciated a networking event with like-minded people, as well as the creative input she was able to have. “It was our first time getting high-quality content produced without purchasing it from someone else who has already done it,” she says.

The level of enthusiasm from 2019’s Media Collective is both inspiring and uplifting; Enough to encourage Five2Nine to go ahead with the shoot for 2020. Precautions will need to be taken for health and safety, but getting creative has never been a stumbling block for the Five2Nine team. 

“The more we’ve been working with Five2Nine and seeing more stuff come to life or possibilities that we never really thought of before be presented to us, we’re just like ‘yeah, we can be just as big as the next guy,’” McFarlane says. 

Have an awesome outdoor brand? Contact Five2Nine for more information on participating.