Capturing the Joy of Outdoor Life

Five2Nine Media Collective

Five2Nine’s latest brand collective shoot. Picture a magazine photoshoot. Then trade the studio for a tranquil lake, the gowns for PFDs, and the wind machine for a summer breeze. The Five2Nine team doesn’t just create branded content for their clients. They curate an organic experience for cast and crew alike. The result is something eye-catching… Read more »

Canoe Trip Team Gets a First in the Grand Canyon

First team to go on self assisted canoe trip through the Grand Canyon.

Alex Guimont chats about his unintentional first self support canoe descent down the Colorado River.     What did you do on your 21st birthday? If you’re anything like Alex Guimont, you set out with 7 people and a couple of tripping canoes to casually achieve greatness. A mere stone’s throw away from Las Vegas… Read more »