The value of a Graphics Specialist

FIVE2NINE has for years been creating content that it’s proud of and that results in happy clients.  Growth of the company has taken many forms.  Our team has grown as well as our technical capabilities and the style of videos we are able to produce.  

In October of 2018, we welcomed the newest member of our team, Michelle De Alva.  Michelle has created a role for herself here that we did not even know we needed.  She is a wizard in Adobe After Effects and creates all of our animations and graphics.

Michelle brings a lot more to the team than technical skills in creating graphics and animations.  Because there are certainly a lot of people in this world that have those.  Rather, her creative skills used in conjunction with her technical ones mean that she can be fed a concept or general direction for a certain animation, and then left to her devices for eight hours and have the confidence to know that the result will be something great.  This has drastically improved the pace at which we can output content but also the scope of work we are able to produce.  Combining a nicely edited piece, and professional graphics, does more than simply double the quality of the end result.  This has really elevated the quality of our content that we produce.

This creative freedom that Michelle handles so well was seen in abundance with the project we did for Level Six.  The story of Level Six is one that extended far beyond the time frame of our filming.  This meant that we relied heavily on archival pictures to tell their story and do it justice.  Michelle, once given a brief direction for this, was able to make the archival footage come to life and captivating to the viewer.

A perfect example of this was a project we did this past spring for GSI outdoors.  We relied on Michelle to produce the graphics for that which is something that we either would not have been able to do without her or would have taken at least double the amount of time it took her.  

Having the ability to add small seemingly simple graphics to a video drastically improves the production quality and can make a good video a great video.  This was the case for a series of videos we produced for Paddle Canada about their kayaking, Canoe, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding classes.



A lot of the work Michelle produces doesn’t get seen here in the studio.  Michelle moved to Canada 1 year from Mexico City and still does graphic work for companies in Mexico when not working here in the studio.  These graphics are equally stunning and amaze me every time I do get to see a quick glimpse of them.

As a team, we are now as efficient as we’ve ever been.  What used to be two weeks of work can now be done in one week or less with the whole team doing their part to make it come together.