William Amos Campaign Launch

Over this past winter, a new partnership formed with William Amos in the current Liberal MP for the Pontiac region.  In April, he began his campaign to run again for this coming October election.  No good electoral campaign is complete without a solid media content plan.  Obviously, a large portion of that is in the form of video content.

That is where the FIVE2NINE and Will Amos partnership formed.  Will Amos and his team reached out to us being a local filmmaking company with experience in the Pontiac region, looking for a high-quality video with quick turnaround time.  They presented the type of video they were looking for and no time was wasted in planning a shoot.

The video needed by Will Amos and the team was one that represented what they stood for and ultimately made an impact and said: we are running again, join us!

There were three campaign announcement events, all opportunities to get content for the final video. The two smaller ones in Chapeau and Lac Saint-Marie, and a bigger one in Chelsea at the Chelsea Pub.  

To capture the first two shoot we sent out Alex Guimont to cover the events with the instructions to not make it look like event coverage:

William Amos Pontiac FIVE2NINE

Thoughts from Alex:

I was a one-man team for these two smaller announcement events.  I was sent with two cases of gear and some lights and off I went.  There were two main aspects of these events I wanted to capture when I was there.  

The first aspect was simply Will speaking to the crowd and the amount of excitement felt by the audience and the power behind Will’s words.  Will brings so much enthusiasm to these events and his work in General.  It was cool to see that enthusiasm spill over into the people there who had rallied to support Will.  I wanted to do my best to show that in the shots I was getting and make sure that this aspect would come out in the final product.


The second aspect was the connections Will fostered with the people attending the events.  Although Will was speaking at these events, more time was spent after the speeches where Will was interacting with his supporters and answering any questions they might have.  Will is very personable and this is such an important part of his character and his success as the Pontiac MP.  It was important to me that this came out on camera.  Thankfully, he was just as comfortable in his interactions with a camera a few feet away.

William Amos Presenting In the Pontiac

The Chelsea Pub event was a team effort and much bigger than the previous two events.  The two aspects were amplified and really came through loud and clear.  The energy in the room was electric with many other MPs attending as well as friends and family.  There were several speakers and each one fired up the crowd.  This was great on camera.    

Both Mike & Alex captured this event.   Thoughts from Mike:

It was great to get out and support Will by capturing the energy to the best of our abilities.  Over the years of working in the Pontiac, I have seen Will get out and support the community at every opportunity. I have a lot of respect for that.   He even attended our Ottawa Adventure Film Festival awards night presenting the lifetime achievement award to Jim Coffey.

I asked Will that night if he had a lot of work coming up.   He answered ‘No’. I was surprised.   He followed up by saying ‘ This is a cantor, not a gallop.   We are always out there and working hard’.   This can be seen with his efforts to help the Pontiac with the recent flooding.   

Our team has a great deal of respect for that kind of attitude and being a team of fellow Chelsea Quebec residents we fully support Will and the great things he is doing for our region.   


Check out the announcement piece we did for the William Amos campaign here:

Check out the bill that Will passed for digital infrastructure in rural areas:

Congrats and best of luck in the campaign.